“SNIKT!” for the Cure (or ‘Perry Vs. The Tumors’)


Maybe you know my friend Perry, maybe you don’t. If you do, you know how lucky you are. If you don’t, allow me to introduce him.

Husband, father, Christian, Jedi Master; there’s a lot of labels you could use to describe Perry. But if I had to choose one, and only one, it would be the following: “stand-up guy”. Perry’s a genuinely good guy, straight through to the core; he wouldn’t even hurt a fly – unless that fly was harassing a second, weaker fly for its lunch money, in which case I pity the fly.

I met Perry when I was homeless some years ago, and he quickly became a good friend, always there to listen, to help out, or sometimes just hang out, and his friendship meant (and means) a lot to me.

If I could choose a second label to saddle Perry with, it would be “consummate geek”. There are, of course, myriad species of geek; Perry is the rarer yellow-breasted comic-book nerd (Xavieris Loganicus). He and his wife even partially financed their home by selling off some valuable comics they found in the discount bin (“first appearance of Captain Spandex” type stuff).

A little while ago, Perry was at the doctor’s and heard the word nobody wants to hear: cancer. It turns out he has two masses, one on each of his kidneys. Despite the kind of terror, despair, and stress that necessarily follows such a diagnosis, Perry has remained remarkably strong throughout, and from a distance (we’re on opposite sides of the world) I’ve seen his network of friends converge on him in a moving and touching display of love and support.

He’s already undergone surgery on one kidney, and is coming up on the surgery for the other (June 10th). So here’s his proposition.


With Perry’s second surgery coming up, he’s decided to use the opportunity to raise money for cancer research. The idea is simple:

If he can raise $1,000 for The V Foundation, he pledges to go to his next surgery on June 10th dressed as Wolverine.

He’s even got the hair and the beard just waiting to be crafted into the iconic Wolverine ‘do.

It’s on the honor system. You just make your donation directly to The V Foundation in whatever amount you can (anything helps), then just drop Perry a line letting him know how much you gave. No verification needed; he’s trusting people to be decent and honest about it.

I know times are tough, but please consider helping out in any way you can. Donate or share this and pass along the info, and help us raise money for cancer research.

Thanks for reading. Have a good one.


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