SNIKT! for the Cure, Part II

I am so incredibly behind on this post. Anyway, a few months ago, I posted that my friend Perry, who was working on kicking cancer’s ass, had promised to go to his next surgery dressed as Wolverine if he managed to raise $1K for cancer research.

Well, he did, and so he did. Unfortunately, the surgery was rescheduled at literally the last minute due to some problem getting equipment from another hospital, but he still went and snapped some pictures.

He got hassled by a security guard with zero sense of humor while doing it, but he still got the pics. So, without further ado, here they are:

969199_925116781937_545615572_n 1005579_925116801897_287932316_n 1001057_925116747007_697747126_n
Since then, Perry has pretty officially stomped cancer into the ground and took its lunch money, and moved to Portland as part of a switch to a less stressful career.  Keep being awesome, Perry, and good luck at your new job.


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