First Ever Life-Drawing Class

As some of you may know, I work at a video game company now. Well, actually a video game/board game/comic book/tv show/etc company, called Ankama, here in Roubaix, France. I’m a translator, and I translate all that stuff from French to English (never the opposite).

It turns out there are a lot of cool things about working at a game/comics company, and one of them is that the company is full of artists. And some of those artists have life-drawing sessions after work hours in the dojo (oh yeah, did I mention there’s a dojo downstairs?).

Now, I don’t run everything past my wife, but when shelling out money to scrutinize the naked body of another woman for 2 and a half hours, it seemed wise to make sure she was ok with it. She was.

I think I was the only person in that room who was not a professional artist, and one of two who didn’t have art school experience. I spent the first hour or so berating myself, thinking things like “Why are you sucking so much?!”, furiously scribbling out drawings and furtively hiding them under my sketchbook.  Seriously, I was pretty upset (and embarrassed) with myself.

I was even getting ready to leave at one point. Then, right after I had decided to force myself to stay, the artist next to me did something that helped. She got pissed off. I saw her angrily scribble out a drawing just like I had done for most of the first hour. For some reason, knowing that this much more talented artist was unhappy with her work loosened me up a bit.

Plus, the “Director of Feature-Length Animations” was there giving out advice. So I cornered him during the break and asked for tips (and his advice at work can be seen in the last two drawings from the session).

So here are 14 of the drawings I did at the class, and then one I did while at work today.

LD0001 LD0002LD0003LD0004LD0005LD0006LD0007LD0008



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