The 47-Day Photo-A-Day Challenge (also, I’m not dead)!

47 Day Photo Challenge1

I know what you all are thinking: “Holy hell, he’s alive!”. Ok, not really. 10% of you are thinking “Oh yeah, I’m subscribed to that.” and the other 90% are thinking “Who the hell is Don Hillson?”.

Well whichever group you fall into, the fact remains I’m back, with another challenge (which, due to technical malfunctions, I will be participating in from my Android, which I’ll also use to take the majority of the photos).

I wanted to do a photo challenge this time. It turns out if you say “drawing challenge”, you have to put a gun to someone’s head to get them to participate, but if you say “photo challenge”, everyone’s on board. So this time around we are quickly nearing 20 participants, despite making the whole think up only a couple days ago.

Here’s the deal: I really wanted to do a photo challenge, but none in particular was appealing to me. So I went through three separate lists, pulled out the ones that appealed to me, and then had the computer sort them randomly. That’s how we ended up with 47 items. Then I sent the list to Niki, and she was nice enough to make it nice and pretty, and also draft a whole bunch of participants.

We’re starting today, Feb. 14th, with, appropriately enough, “Love” (OK, so we pulled that one out of the middle of the list and put it at the top) – I’ll get that one up in a minute.

Also, as a first, this time round Expatriatism will have a guest blogger. Zach Thompson, a good friend of mine from Denver and a fantastic artist to boot. Glad to have you on board Zach.

So, THE RULES (as written by Niki):

1. Follow the list and take a photo a day using your phone or a camera. Be as free and creative as you want to with each subject, just keep it family-friendly!

2. Post your photos to your blog, Facebook, or Instagram, and link up to the rest of us. Don and I will post links to everyone so you can copy and paste them into your own posts, just let us know where you’ll be posting your photos.

(I think) You can create a Facebook photo album and make it public so others can see just that album.


Ok folks, that’s it for now. I’ll get you my post for today in a few; I still have 35 minutes…


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