Photo-A-Day 32 out of 47 — “Technology” (Don)


As hot and bothered as I get by the latest tech, sometimes simple and elegant technology is best. Watch an animation of a Geneva mechanism and see how enchanting it is to watch, almost hypnotizing in its simplicity.

My photo is of an average corkscrew. “But that’s not tech!” I hear you scream. “Oh yes it is!” I hear myself screaming back.

Why, we’ve got half of the simple machines in this corkscrew. Levers for the handles. A screw to stab the cork. And a wheel and axle to turn the screw.

OK, the wheel is actually a bottle opener, not a wheel shape, but the principle remains the same: turn big thing attached to little thing, get mechanical advantage.

I’m now caught up to today, the 18th of March. Will post today’s picture later.


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