“Reports of my death…”

“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”
— Mark Twain

It has been a long, long time since I posted on this blog. Those who used to read it will remember multiple drawing and photo challenges, often with my friend and partner-in-crime Niki, over at Sometimes I Write; she’s challenged me again, so it’s time once again to dust off the keyboard and permit myself to engage in blatant narcissism, at least to the extent required to publicize my thoughts and think that they will interest.

However, it’s been so very long since I posted, and so very much has changed in my life, that I feel I should start anew. Please allow me, therefore, to introduce myself.

My name’s Don. I’m a 31-year-old American living in France. Old readers may remember that I married a French woman, and that’s why I live here – since my last post on this blog, we divorced and now share custody of the adorable little boy I’m proud to be the father of.

After the divorce, I looked to “support” forums for help on how to manage, and in place of support found legions of bitter, hardened people who have ceased to believe in love, and resent others for their happiness. This is not how I wanted to end up, and indeed, it is not. True, my marriage didn’t work out, but I still believe strongly in love, kindness, and am (most of the time) genuinely happy, in a way I never was in my marriage.

I won’t say processing my divorce was easy, and indeed I went through some very dark places along the way, but, thanks in large part to a few very specific people, I made it through ok and with an intact heart. I’ve been on a couple failed dates, and went on multiple succesful ones with a beautiful, charming woman – sadly we just didn’t have enough in common to lay the foundation for a solid relationship.

In terms of career, I still work at France’s largest video games company, where I translate all our games, sites, TV shows, movies, comic books, etc. from French into English. Outside of work, I pass my time playing video games; creating art with my pens, pencils, and cameras (or at least trying to); and giving entirely too much thought to unimportant questions like ‘what would happen if the U.S. penny were worth two cents rather than one?’ (answer: not much of anything. Google frobenius numbers).

Now that’s out of the way, I’ll get on to the writing challenge. That will be a separate post, which I will get working on immediately after I post this one.


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