Writing Challenge Day 1: The Person You Love Most

As I’ve previously mentioned (within the hour even), my friend Niki has challenged me to a writing challenge. You can read about it here on her blog.

While I’ve already successfully completed multiple drawing and photo challenges, this will be the first writing challenge I’ve ever done, so please bear with me if my posts seem inconsistent or even incoherent.

The basic principle of the challenge is that each day we’ll write at least a paragraph about the person named on the list for that day (the full list can, again, be found here on Niki’s blog).

The person listed for today: “The Person You Love Most”. I didn’t even have to think about this one – the answer is of course my son.

My son just finished his fall vacation (he’s already in school – they start early here). His mother and I agreed that I would watch him during his vacation, which was two weeks, so I took time off from work and stayed at home with him for two weeks. We went to the park several times and played on the playground. I taught him to play War and Go Fish. We watched movies and played games. We went on play dates with other kids. We read books, did puzzles, folded paper airplanes. We even carved a jack-o-lantern and had a couple video chats with his grandparents back in the U.S.

At the end of his time with me, I sat him down with his school notebook, and opened it to the homework they’d assigned, which was for the child to describe and/or draw their vacation and what they’d done.

“So, Matthew, what did we do over vacation?”

“I don’t know.”

Frustrating, to say the least. At 3 years old, he seems to have discovered apathy. “I don’t know”, “I can’t do it”, and “nothing” are his stock answers at the moment. What does he want to do? He doesn’t know. Can he put his shoes or jacket on please so we can leave? He can’t do it. What does he want to eat tonight? Nothing.

I don’t really know how to wrap this post up, so… here’s hoping the ‘apathy’ stage passes quickly.

4 thoughts on “Writing Challenge Day 1: The Person You Love Most

  1. Don’t worry, pretty standard phase for three year olds. He’s still figuring out the world and testing his limits. (Or yours)

  2. Beware. After apathy comes “I can do everything even when I can’t I won’t admit it so back off.”
    Love him. Some days that is all you can do.

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