Writing Challenge Day 2: Someone Who Makes You Laugh

After reading today’s topic, it occurs to me I could do most of these prompts about my son and 1 or 2 other people special to me – but that wouldn’t be as interesting to read. So I’ve forced myself to search outside the obvious.

And I found Elissa. Elissa is my colleague at work – she’s one of the Community Managers for one of our games, which means it’s her job to keep the players happy. And players, it must be noted, are hard to keep happy. It takes a special kind of person to put up with hardcore video gamers, and she is that kind: patient, understanding, geeky and funny.

She’s also my friend. She’s my Minecraft partner, my Pokémon nemesis, and my DM (if you don’t know what a DM is – what have you been doing with your life?).

She’s also American, and that’s a large part of why we became friends, I think. You can’t overstate the value of having friends who share the same culture as you, who get your little references to the movies, events, comedians, etc. that you’re familiar with. Only when you’ve moved to a country where many people haven’t even seen Star Wars once do you start to understand…

So, Elissa, thank you for bein’ a friend… Travelin’ down that road and back again… See, people here wouldn’t get that reference…

I’m writing this on my cell phone, so adding linkage to the other participating blogs is rather difficult. I promise I’ll post an edit with all the links tomorrow. Sorry guys (or rather, gals).


Edit: Find our other participants here –

Niki: Sometimes I Write

Becky: Free2B2Much

Tracy: CountryRoadChronicles


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