Writing Challenge Day 9: A Past Crush


“Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.”

A past crush. Shall I talk about my first crush? Little Ruby Giliani? Honestly, I don’t remember much – we were very young. Instead, I’ll talk about a different crush, one I had in high school.

Let’s call her Samus — hey, if we’re assigning fake names, they might as well be cool, right? Ok, we’ll call her H, if for no other reason than it’ll be faster to type. I have no doubt that H, who is, in fact, currently a reader of my blog, will recognize herself in this story – hope she doesn’t mind.

H had long hair (as girls often do) of a lighter shade, a very cute smile, and an ever-present puka shell necklace. She and I had a couple of classes together – specifically, we were in Biology together. Eventually we got assigned to a major project together, with two other kids, about drug and alcohol addiction. Now that I look back on it, I realize I did a lot of the work. I wrote the script, secured the camera, made the props, edited the video (which I coincidentally still have in a box somewhere) together… mind you, none of this had anything to do with her being involved – that’s just how I was in school. But seriously H, what did you even do? Oh, right, looked cute on film. Got it.

Back then, I was even more socially awkward than nowadays. Also, a lot larger round the midsection, with a horrible haircut, and my facial tics had just made themselves known and I hadn’t yet learned to control and mask them. So high school ended with no more interaction than doing the video together and her signing my yearbook “Thanks for helping me get an A in Biologie.”


Fast-forward a little over 10 years. Somehow, we found each other on Facebook and started talking. I don’t remember if I looked her up or if it was through a mutual classmate.

And I asked her a question.

“H, can I tell you something I’ve been waiting 10 years to tell you?”
“Of course.”
“… You misspelled biology in my yearbook.”

She’s now married, with two awesome kids – I’m told she still has that puka necklace somewhere, and yes, since then I have told her I used to have a huge crush on her. I’ve also sent her a few screencaps of her interview on our biology project video, and she explained the yearbook misspelling (she had German class right before, you see…).

I’ve come to realize that, had I had the courage to speak up back then, although we probably still wouldn’t have gone out, we could have been pretty good friends. We play Words With Friends, we chat quite often. Today, she has become a pretty good friend, and it only took us a little over a decade.


And now, I believe, I am completely caught up! Woohoo!

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