Writing Challenge Day 10: Someone You Wish You Could Forget

Someone I wish I could forget – my first reaction was to say Donald Trump. Or Kanye West. Or Kim Kardashian. Or any of hundreds of other vacuous celebrities whose existence I am forcibly reminded of daily.

But then I realized there’s someone I’d like to forget more: myself. Now, before you think I’m depressed or hate myself, allow me to explain.

I’m referring to myself in two ways here. Firstly, I’m referring to my past self. I haven’t always been the man I am today. I haven’t always even been a good person. The Bible says judge not lest ye be judged; the “good book” and I don’t agree on much, but there we do. It is because of my past that I avoid passing judgement too quickly these days (except for the afore-mentioned celebrities…) – it would be incredibly dishonest of me.

My past is rife with horrible things I wish I hadn’t said, even more things I wish I hadn’t done, people I wish I hadn’t hurt, and so on. While I wouldn’t wish to forget those I’ve hurt (not least of which because I would be doing them further disservice), I could do without my brain’s constant reminders of the stupid, hurtful, douchebaggy (that’s probably on Urban Dictionary, right?), and/or self-important bullshit I’ve spoken and done in the past. And there’s a lot of it to remind myself of.

Secondly, I mean forget myself in the sense of losing oneself, forgetting one’s place, forgetting to “mind oneself”. Up until recently, even if the divorce was behind me, a lot of my energy had been poured into modulating my thoughts and feelings and behaviors; being on the surface normal, going to work, going through the motions

I no longer have to do that. I recently found my real smile and put the fake one away. And that is a huge relief. I don’t think the fake was fooling anyone anyway.

[This post would have been longer and/or better, but I’m writing it on my mobile, and the WordPress app is making it a nightmare…]

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2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge Day 10: Someone You Wish You Could Forget

  1. Wait. Did you just quote the Bible? 😛

    I can totally relate to this post! I’m guessing most people can relate to feeling this way. I think maybe we can’t or shouldn’t forget our former douchebaggery or we might repeat it, but I understand wanting to be rid of the accompanying shame.

    You’ve been a good person since I’ve known you, so…

    • AS FAR AS YOU KNOW, I’ve been a good person…

      And yes, I quoted the Bible. I try to limit my quoting of holy texts to once a year.

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