Writing Challenge Day 11: Someone You Admire

Yet another difficult topic. It’s easy to name a great many people who have qualities I admire, but finding someone I admire in a more complete way was another matter. I asked myself what I admire. Kindness. Intellect. Honesty.

At first, I considered making a list of those with qualities I admire, but after much introspection, reflection, and lots of other -ion words, I decided to write about a particular friend of mine. I’ll call him Logan, because he’ll love that.

I’ve known him for years, since I was homeless. He wasn’t homeless – he was someone I knew from the church I attended at the time. Sometimes we’d go out to lunch after church just to chat, and I always felt treated like an equal. That wasn’t necessarily uncommon within the small group associated with that church, but in a broader view it was rare indeed. He is a good, kind man, and he’s always had my respect, as do many from that group.

Logan’s been through a lot. Cancer. A divorce. Horrible (false) accusations. Bankruptcy, and still other hardships. All lumped together – a lifetime of difficulty inside a vastly shorter period. And he made it. He made it through all of it. And not just physically.

I’ve been through but a fraction of what he has endured, and it nearly tore me apart. Yet he, his sense of humor, and – most importantly – his heart, is intact. Today, he is cancer free, shares custody of his beautiful son with his ex-wife, has an excellent job, and remains an indisputably good man, and one of the kindest I know.

Also, now that I think about it, I totally owe him a burger…


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