Writing Challenge Day 13 [MAKEUP]: A Beloved Child in Your Life

I’m afraid I’m going to repeat myself today. There are precious few children in my life, and fewer that I could say I love. So today’s post, as you might expect, is about my son.

My ex-wife dropped our 3-year-old son off with me today. And he has homework to do.

Or, as she more accurately put it, baby-sitting. Matthew is, this weekend, the proud guardian of the class teddy bear, Souricette, and he is pleased as punch.

What’s involved in baby-sitting a teddy bear? Quite a bit, surprisingly, and Matthew was happy to explain it to me. She (it’s explicitly a she) needs to be fed. She needs to be changed into her pyjamas and normal clothes. She needs to be read bedtime stories. And she has a separate scarf for every day of the week.

She also has her own schoolbook. This is where all of her watchful protectors write about what they did with Souricette, and paste photos of them caring for her. We didn’t do much with her tonight, but I’m sure Matthew is going to have a ball taking care of her tomorrow.

Edit: I was exhausted when I wrote this, and I originally referred to the stuffed animal as Nouricette, which would be a cutesy name derived from the french word for nanny.

It’s actually named Souricette, a cutesy name derived from the French word for mouse.

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