Writing Challenge Day 14 [MAKEUP]: Someone Who Challenges You to be Who You Are


(D’abord, je suis desolé pour mes amis qui vont eventuellement lire çette poste avec Google Translate. Ca va être difficile…)

I’m going to be honest – I don’t really understand this prompt. Someone who challenges me to be who I am? But being myself is easy – can I really say that anyone challenges me to do it? Just existing, in a base state, as I am, is not challenging. I wish this challenge had said someone who challenges you to improve or something of that genre.

I consulted with “Samus”, who I mentioned in a previous post, on this one. She suggested I write about someone who doesn’t let me get away with bullshit.

Except the list of people ready to call me on my bullshit is not at all short (Samus herself is even on that list) – and I’m happy that’s the case. Unfortunately, I’ve written about many of them. But not all.

Did I start this challenge thinking I’d write any of the prompts about my ex-wife? No. But, it must be said, if there’s one person on this planet who doesn’t let me get away with bullshit, that’s the one. That’s one of her best qualities – she doesn’t put up with ANYONE’S bullshit.

I won’t say much about her in this post, and anyone reading this shouldn’t mistake this for an indicator that I’m still hung up on her. I’m not. But the fact remains that I am a far better man today than when I married her, and a lot of that is directly thanks to her.

And on that note, I’ll get started on the next day’s post.

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