Writing Challenge Day 17 [MAKEUP]: Someone Who Mentors or Inspires You


There are many people who inspire me. In fact, if we’re friends in real-life, there’s likely something I find inspiring about you as a person. But rather than write about one of my friends, I decided to talk about a more public figure I find inspiring.

And that’d be Destin Sandlin. Destin’s Wikipedia page describes him as a “YouTube educator”. I’d call him a “science popularizer”. He’s got a long list of credentials and accomplishments (including a degree in aerospace engineering) which, while respectable, are not why he inspires me.

Destin runs a YouTube channel called SmarterEveryDay. I love the name of that channel. I do try, and generally succeed, to learn something new every day.

I find myself inspired by the way he shares his passion for science and his child-like curiosity and wonder not just with the YouTube community at large, but with his own children (click here to see Destin teaching his kids – and the audience at the same time – about fluid dynamics via a balloon and pendulum). They feature in several videos as he breaks down and explains scientific concepts in simple, engaging ways that keep them entertained and learning.

Though it’s a bit early yet for my offspring, I hope to similarly expose Matthew to the wonderful and amazing world of science. We’ve already learned a little bit together – sometimes I ask him “Why do you think that does that, Matthew?” or “What’s going to happen if we do this?”. He doesn’t know the answer, of course. He’s young. Sometimes I myself don’t know the answer.

But we’re going to find out. Together. And that is where all the fun is. 😀

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