Writing Challenge Day 18 [MAKEUP]: A Fictional Character in a Book


Matthew has a lot of books. And while I don’t expect every one to teach him a valuable lesson, I do at least expect them not to teach him a BAD one.

Which brings me Troubletops and the New Baby. This is a fantastically illustrated book about a young, trouble-making dinosaur. A triceratops, to be precise (because these things matter, you see). Troubletops enjoys being the center of his parents’ world.

Until a baby brother comes along. And Troubletops is suddenly not getting as much attention. So he decides to run away. That’ll show ’em. That’ll get them to pay attention to him again.

And here’s the part that made me shelve the book more or less permanently. It DOES “show ’em”. Troubletops wins. He gets his way. 100%.

His parents go out of their mind with worry (of course). They look for him (of course). And when they finally find him, Troubletops is not punished. He’s not even given a stern talking to. Or even a regular talking to. And everything goes back to the way Troubletops likes it.

What would have been a great chance to teach a lesson about good and bad ways to handle problems becomes a story about a dinosaur who throws a tantrum and succeeds in manipulating his parents to do exactly what he wants.  No thank you.

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