Writing Challenge Day 21 [MAKEUP]: A Musician


I have this one close friend… aside from everything else I could say about her, and there’s a fair amount I could say, the relevant bit for this post is that she has great taste in music, and she always seems to have discovered some beautiful piece from a singer or group I’d never heard of before.

This is one of her recommendations. I very quickly fell in love with this singer. I won’t write too much, since it would distract from the music, but this is a writing challenge after all, so I’ll put a tiny bit.

I can’t get enough of this clip because not only is she an incredibly beautiful and engaging woman with a powerful and smooth voice, but the incredibly upbeat and triumphant tone of the song and above all the lyrics, which express a beautiful sentiment in a unique way, never fail to make me feel good. Whether it’s a good day, bad day, clear day, gray day, mediocre day or sick day, this song is just what’s called for.

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