Writing Challenge Day 25 [MAKEUP]: Your Favorite Alien

An old image of Invader Zim I created specifically to serve as an avatar.

Those that know me will perhaps not be surprised to learn I had much less difficulty with this prompt than with many of the others on the list. There are a lot of options to choose from. Spock. Paul (Paul nearly won). E.T. Mork from Ork.

But… my favorite alien has to be Invader Zim. Period. Zim, as you might have guessed, is an invader. Or rather, he desperately wants to be. Sadly, he’s horridly incompetent, and not terribly bright. But what he lacks in skill, he makes up for in passion. Almost.

The series, appropriately titled Invader Zim, begins with him showing up uninvited while Invaders are assigned planets to overthrow in preparation for the Irken Armada’s next operation: Operation Impending Doom II, and making it awkward until the Almighty Tallest (they choose their leaders by height – I would be a god) assign him to a “mystery planet”, which turns out to be Earth. If you’re wondering what happened with Operation Impending Doom I, well… Zim happened.

The rest of the series follows his desperate, megalomaniacal, and ultimately ineffectual attempts to assess Earth’s weaknesses and take control, thereby proving himself and making the Almighty Tallest proud. Words cannot adequately express the sheer level of awesome absurdity that this show attains, so I leave it to you to discover in your own time.

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