Writing Challenge Day 26 [MAKEUP]: A Coworker

A coworker. I’ve got a few of those. Which coworker do I write about? I’ve already written about a couple of them.

A lot of folks in the translation department are parents. Nearing on half. And since the depart of our Russian translator, I’m the only father on the team.

One of the ladies on the team, aside from being every bit as much a coffee addict as me, has a daughter just a bit younger than Matthew. But they’re close enough in age that they hit the same phases around the same time, more or less, and we’ve passeda fair amount of time sipping coffee and discussing, and at times, whining about, our children.

She and I disagree on some aspects of parenting – what to let the kids watch, for example (you mean you DON’T let your daughter watch Terminator?!) – but we agree on quite a bit more, and I know I can always count on her for a wise and valuable second opinion, or at least just reassurance that I haven’t scarred my son for life.

So, coworker of mine, I owe you a coffee. Meet me at my desk at 9:30. 😉

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