Writing Challenge Day 27 [MAKEUP]: Someone You Only Know Online…

…but would like to know in person.

I don’t have much choice here. Pretty much everyone I interact with online are people I have met in person. Whether that’s people I knew in person and later found online (like the folks from Dry Bones, or the previously mentioned ‘Samus’), or people I originally met online and then met in person (like fellow blogger Bill Davis or my now ex-wife).

So this post is about P Irate Rule. What can I say about P Irate? The fact is, after much thought, not much.

A long time ago, in a Facebook far, far away… Niki and I used to play Draw Something through the app on FB. I don’t even know if that app is still functional. But it was more multiplayer, and one of the people we ran across was P Irate. We liked the way she played, the cut of her jib, if you will, and invited her to play with us more often. One thing led to another, as they say…

Since then, have I learned much about P Irate? Well, I gather she has a SO, and she posts a lot of funny stuff on FB. That’s about all I know. But I’d love to buy you a coffee if you ever make your way to northern France. Do pirates drink coffee? Maybe a beer then.

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