Writing Challenge Day 30 [MAKEUP]: Yourself

Well, that’s it. The final post. I’m a day behind, and I really botched the schedule of this challenge, but oh well. I’m dragging my butt across the finish line.

So the final prompt is myself. Well… crap. What can I say about myself that isn’t already in my bio?

I’m a goofy-looking guy with a goofy personality. I know people taller than me, but not many. Being a big guy has some advantages, sure.

But I don’t like it. I haven’t been able to purchase shoes normally for years. I don’t get the pleasure of walking into a store and finding a style I like. They invariably don’t have it in my size. I’m lucky if they have ANYTHING in my size. Instead, I have to order my shoes off the internet, and have them shipped. Even then, it’s hard to shop by style, and my options are rather limited.

Overall, I like to think I have a good (although highly self-deprecating) sense of humor, even if my friends find it a little strange sometimes. And unfortunately for my boss, who probably wishes I’d shut my trap for once, I’m not shy about saying what I think, especially when I’m unhappy with something.

Overall, I’m ok with being me. There’s nothing horrible about it. There are a couple benefits. But if I could change something, I wouldn’t mind having smaller feet, being a little less hairy, and a lot smarter, thinner, and better looking. Not so much to ask, is it?

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