30 Day Drawing Challenge: “A Couple”

Day 24 is here, and the topic is “a couple”. When I started this drawing I knew that I didn’t want to draw faces, and that I was itching for a more complex drawing to try stippling.

I started this on Monday. It has taken me about 12 hours of work over 4 days, and it’s made entirely of dots marked with a 0.5mm felt tip pen. It’s only about 6 inches tall. I don’t know exactly how many dots there are, but I estimate it’s 1.21 gigadots.

I had some major concerns about getting it done in time to post today, but I finally just finished it. Once it dried (that much ink stays wet for a bit), it was on the scanner and now here it is.

My couple: the black king and queen from a standard set of Staunton chessmen.

I don’t say this often, but I am incredibly happy with this illustration; I’m pretty proud of it too.

This is my 4th piece using the stippling technique. I’m quite in love with the technique, but I imagine it’s a technique I’ll more often be using more in conbination with others, saving entirely stippled drawings like this for special occasions with no deadline.

Comments and feedback are, as always, very much appreciated.

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10 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: “A Couple”

    • Thanks. I feel like, stippling aside, it’s one of the best I’ve done by any method.

      In any case, now I have to move on to today’s post (‘scenery’). I have no clue what I’m going to draw.

    • Thanks bunches. Surprisingly, the time doesn’t seem to go by as slowly as you’d expect. Once you get into it, it actually gets sort of hypnotic and it sucks you in. It’s like tequila. It makes the time disappear.

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