My Best Stippled Drawing Ever

Shortly after finishing the 30-Day-Drawing Challenge on my blog, I started a new drawing. I just finished this morning, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Click to see it, as well as several “work-in-progress” shots, full-size on my DA page

This one is done with the same .5mm felt pen as the chess ‘couple’ but unlike the couple, which was postcard sized, this one is the full page.

Despite that, it took 3 hours LESS than the couple to do – I attribute that to getting better at the technique and also this one not having quite as much black space.

Now hopefully I’ll be able to keep myself from starting another stipple piece – these eat up so much time.

3 thoughts on “My Best Stippled Drawing Ever

    • People keep telling me that. 😀 Surprisingly (at least in my experience), once you get started, while there are a few times where you have to remind yourself to be patient, you actually get into it and pay less attention to the clock than you might think.

      Plus, you’re free to do it in tiny little chunks. 15 minutes today, 15 tomorrow… it’d take you a month or so of 15 minute sessions to complete it, but who cares?

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